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Real Estate Loans

Real Estate Loans are available for Fix and Flippers, Landlords, Bridge Situations, Commercial Purchases or Refinance.

Fix & Flip Loans

Close in as little as 7 days

- Fix & Flip Lines of Credit with rates as low as 6.99% 
- Fix & Flip Single Loans from $50K - $3MM 
- Financing for up to 100% of purchase price and renovation expenses for qualifying properties

Keep in mind that you’re not paying the interest for very long since you can usually flip a home in less than 1 year. To help speed the process, hard money lenders such as us offer prequalification in as little as 120 minutes and funding within 7-15 days. This helps fix and flip investors compete with all-cash buyers at real estate auctions. Request More Info

Up to 100% Financing to qualified borrowers

Fix and Flip Hard Money Loan / Private Money Loan Qualifications

Hard money loans offer comparatively easier qualifications when compared to the other options on our list. For example, hard money lenders will typically require the following:

-Credit score: 550+ 
-Debt-to-income ratio: 35% – 65%
-Better Rates for past rehab projects or DIY projects
-Licensed contractor help for inexperienced fix and flippers

However, a credit score of 640 or above is preferred. Borrowers with better credit scores and longer history of successful fix and flip project will be seen as safer and likely qualify for lower rates and fees as well as higher borrowing limits.

Fix and Flip Hard Money Loan / Private Money Loan Terms, Interest Rates, & Fees

Hard money loans have terms, interest rates, costs, and fees that range from:

-Term: 6mos – 2 years
-Time to funding: 7-10 days
-Interest rates: 6.99% – 12%
-Lender fees: 1.5% – 6%
-Closing costs 2% – 5%
-Repayment: monthly, interest-only payments and principal repayment at the end of the term (typically no prepayment penalty)

Lender fees are taken directly out of the loan. Closing costs are either paid out of pocket or taken directly out of the loan. When you consider the cost and fees along with the interest rates, it’s obvious that hard money loans don’t come cheap. Request More Info

Mortgage Pools - Short on cash, rookie, or just want to invest in real estate

Mortgage Pools - Invest $5000 and up in a fix flip deal, We fix up the house and sell it. You collect your check at settlement. See how it works. This is great for the rookie looking to get started and build experience to get a better financing deal.  more info ...

Landlord Loans

Financing the Nation's Landlords

Our Landlord loan program is perfect for the professional investor looking to grow their portfolio of single-family rental properties. With a full 30 year term, no balloon payments and a choice of either a 7/1 ARM or 30 year fixed interest rate structure, The program enables professional investors to build wealth over the long-term by locking in competitive interest rates and eliminating the risk of forced sales or refinances. 

Speak to one of our knowledgable and friendly Account Executives about your real estate lending needs. Request More Info

Bridge Loans

Loan amounts from $50k -1.5M

-Single Family Homes 1-4, Apartment buildings, office buildings, mixed use, strip malls, gas stations/service stations, warehouses, light industrial, self storage
-75% loan to value max loan
-9-12% interest only
-2-3 points
-Quick Closings
-1st lien position, blanket mortgages
-12-24 month term

We can get you the cash fast in as little as 7 days in most cases. Request More Info

Commercial Loans

Fast easy process for commercial purchase or refinance

Does your deal fit?

Loans range from $25,000 to $1 million (minimum property value of $75,000).
Special commercial department for large $1 million and up deals.
Credit rating from 600 up.
Property types financed include apartment buildings, mixed use, retail buildings, office buildings, warehouses, auto repair shops, day care businesses, hotels, motels, office buildings.
We have the capacity to help with unusual loans and circumstances. Lets talk about a new commercial purchase or refi-cash out to use the funds for working capital or expansion needs. Request More Info


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